Introduction to Hadoop and Its Modules

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Hadoop is an open source and it’s the most demand technology in IT industry. It is a Java-based programming framework that supports the storage and processing of tremendously large data sets in a Distributed Computing Environment.If you are interested in switching your career into Hadoop technology, you must know the Hadoop modules with help of Hadoop Training in Chennai.

Hadoop Common

It can support the other Hadoop Modules that includes the common utilities.

Hadoop Distributed File System

The HDFS gives unrestricted and high-speed access to the data application.


This module performs highly efficient methodology for processing the enormous amount of data in parallel wise.

Hadoop YARN:

This module can manage the cluster resources efficiently & this technology accomplishes preparation of job.

Then there are extra projects integrated into the Hadoop module that is no less important.

Apache Ambari

Apache ambary is the tool that helps to monitor, provisioning and managing of the Hadoop Clusters. It can support the MapReduce programs and HDFS. Some of the essential highlights of Apache Ambari are

  • Apache Ambari helps to manage of the Hadoop Framework secure, consistent and Highly-efficient.
  • It highly simplified the configuration and installation of Hadoop cluster.
  • Apache Ambari tool comes along with the advanced cluster security set-up.
  • It manages the cluster operations with a robust API and an intuitive web UI.
  • The whole cluster can be regulated using heat maps, analysis, metrics, and troubleshooting.

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It’s highly scalable and it is a Distributed Database Management, Non-Rational that works extremely well on sparse data sets.


A hive is a tool for Data warehousing, it helps to query, Analyzing and summarizing of data on the crest of the Hadoop Framework.


Cassandra is a distributed system to handle the enormous amount of data that is stored diagonally a number of commodity servers. The highlight of this distributed management system is high accessibility with no failure in a single point.


It is a development method for executing workflow routes for successful achievement of the task in the Hadoop setup, workflow management.

Apache Spark

It is highly responsive, scalable and secures the Big Data Compute engine that is flexible sufficient to work on a large variety of Data application like Machine learning, ETL, real-time processing and so on.


Zookeeper is used to give management between distributed applications of Hadoop and it acts as open source centralized service. It offers identification registry and synchronization service of the massive level.


This application is based on a command-line interface and this framework helps to transfer data from Rational Database to Hadoop.


It is a high-level framework helps to analyze the data used to work in bringing together with Apache Spark or MapReduce. The Language to program for this platform is called as Pig Latin.

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