Android Training in Chennai

Android is one the major developing technology. It is fully constructed and originated by Java programming language. Nowadays it is easy to root and reinstall its operating system. Android is also called as operating system which is kernel based operating system. Kernel based operating system means it carries of UNIX infrastructure or Linux Kernel in it. This technology is maintained mostly In mobile platform. The development will be in its user interface (UI). Everyone has to learn Android Training in Chennai.

The recent update in this technology is nougat 7.0 with best user interface. In this technology, versions are updated for the welfare of people and user interface also gets changed. Its user interface is alone developed by Java Code. Its core part is developed by C language and C++ also has some part of development. It is said as freeware and used in all Smartphone’s.

Nowadays android is occupying major position and it is utilized in various technology like in drone, robot, wrist watches, game console, etc..,. The companies using this technology for hardware, software, and also used by telecommunication companies. Everyone is learning android development course in chennai for best knowledge.

Android operating system is commercially classified as custom rom and stock rom. The Rom is abbreviated as read only memory. This operating can share its application from one mobile to another mobile whereas in Windows operating system and OS X (Belongs to apple operating system), we cannot share our application from one device to another. The important thing in these three operating are Windows application can be created with the help of Core C programming language which is also called as freeware. The Apple operating is not freeware, its core is written in Object C programming language and it is developed by Apple Corporation only. Learning Android Training Institute in Chennai will help us to more application by our own.

Android application is build with Android Developing Tool (ADT). It has file extension as .apk. Its application UI is made by Java so, it doesn’t contain any dependent strategy. app development course in chennai is the best place to learn and gain knowledge about android. Android is developed by using it tool which is a non-profit organization. The Tool is generally an IDE (International Development Enterprises).

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