How to increase Website Traffic

How to increase Website Traffic

Tips to increase your website Traffic

Create Company blogs to increase website traffic

SEO is considered to be the king of organic search traffic. More popular keyword in the content will automatically rank a website in SERP. But if you include too much of text in main pages it can even harm your website pages rather than making it good, and the visitors will also face more difficult to find out the information they want. Instead of overwriting on main page you can start a separate blog and update your information so that your website can influence more traffic by genuine customers. This process will reduce your back linking SEO work.

Use social media

The main crucial part of increasing website traffic is to use social media like youtube, facebook, twitter, linked in etc. Follow and share your regular updates with other users, who may respond and follow you. Maintaining update in social media is quite complex, but its well worth it. If people become part of your community, instead of you they will promote your content. This will save your time as well as you can share your website information with many people in a short time. This is a simple way to drive traffic for your website.

Google Keyword Tool

If your site is new, then it will be a difficult process to search for popular keywords right away. To get more traffic, write more quality unique articles focusing on too specific keywords. Always suggest long tail keyword terms, they generally provide better traffic visibility, as well. For this search, I recommend a tool called Hit Tail and Word Stream, which drives more traffic to your website. This tool mainly focuses on organic keywords in your existing traffic.

Bounce Rate

Search engines like Google hate the term high bounce rate. It is an Internet marketing term which is used to analyze the traffic of a website. Bounce Rate signifies the percentage of users who enter and leave the website. Entry of low bounce rate can cause the visitors to view more pages and to continue in depth detail of a webpage. Analyze and optimize the keyword to reduce your bounce rate.

Quality content

Search engines rewards website that endow high-quality unique content. Make sure that your website content is free from spelling and grammar errors. You can also check your content with tools like copyscape (to check out duplicate content) and (to find out the grammatical errors in a website). You can increase your website traffic by adding quality content.

Ethical Link building

It is a natural back linking technique used to describe certain links from a website that are not analyzed to be spam.There are many automated techniques that are considered to be exasperation (like email spamming) and these tactics are ruminated to be unethical like:

  • Spamming the blogs (in blog commenting)
  • Forum Spamming
  • Spam Directories etc

In general, search engines like Google will monitor each technique and various modifications that are attempted in a website. In that case, it is highly recommended that long term businesses should avoid practicing unethical SEO tactics. This may cause high impact on your website traffic.

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