How To Become A Certified AWS DevOps Engineer?

AWS DevOps Engineer

What is AWS?

AWS, or Amazon Web Service, is the market’s leading cloud service provider, offering solutions to most businesses and organisations. It has already risen to the top of the cloud vendor rankings and is continuing to grow.

What is DevOps?

DevOps refers to practices that integrate software development and IT operations. It always strives to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery of high-quality software.

What is a DevOps Engineer?

DevOps engineers are information technology professionals who implement processes, tools, and methodologies to complete the software development life cycle, from coding to deployment to maintenance and updates. The DevOps Engineer works with software developers, operators, and other IT staff to manage code release.

How to Become an AWS DevOps Engineer?

Every profession necessitates the acquisition of relevant skills and experience. To become an AWS DevOps Engineer, you must have professional working experience as well as a thorough understanding of DevOps. All DevOps specialists use various tools and technologies, which you must also learn and master. In short, to become an AWS DevOps Engineer, you must first master AWS and then gain all of the necessary DevOps knowledge.

To be a successful AWS DevOps Engineer, join AWS DevOps training online. FITA Academy is the right place to do AWS DevOps engineer certification. I’ve listed the tools and skills needed to be a DevOps Engineer and become an expert with the right learning path below.

Required Skills in DevOps Engineer

Technical Knowledge: DevOps engineers should have a strong understanding of various scripting languages and the most recent technologies on the market.

Business Knowledge: To bridge the gap between the business, development, testing, and operations teams, DevOps engineers should have business knowledge.

Soft Skills: DevOps engineers must be fluent in communication because they will communicate and collaborate with multiple teams.

Self-Management Capabilities: A DevOps Engineer should be able to manage stress, self-motivation, and time.

Required Tools and Technical Skills

The following are the major tools and related skills required of a DevOps engineer:

  • Version control
  • Continuous Integration servers
  • Configuration management
  • Deployment automation
  • Containers
  • Infrastructure Orchestration
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • Testing and Cloud Quality tools
  • Network protocols

Learn how to become an AWS DevOps Engineer Expert.

The most important aspect of becoming an AWS DevOps Expert is learning DevOps and gaining AWS experience. The steps outlined below will assist you in gaining extensive knowledge and expertise in AWS and DevOps.

1) Enroll in our AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification course.

2) Go over each topic as explained by our trainers and gain hands-on experience.

3) Register for the AWS DevOps Engineer certification exam and study for it.

4) Pass the exam and become an AWS DevOps Engineer.

Professional skills in AWS and DevOps are required for an AWS DevOps Engineer.


AWS DevOps Engineers are in high demand, and with the right training, you can become one as well. This blog provided a high-level overview of DevOps and how to become a successful AWS DevOps Engineer with the necessary skills and experience. Join FITA Academy‘s AWS DevOps Online Training to learn more about AWS DevOps engineer roles and responsibilities.

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