Find out why selenium is so popular and what it can do for you

Find out why selenium is so popular and what it can do for you

Selenium is not a free or open-source project. Many internet businesses, including Facebook and Google, use it to access their web interface. It is possible to test web apps while testing with selenium. In the world of information technology, selenium has a bright career scope. If you want to get a job in selenium after your graduation it’s better to do a course on Selenium Training In Mumbai.

There are some huge reasons why endeavors like to utilize selenium automated testing.

  • Capability works on every operating system.
  • Being an open-source it is financially savvy for mechanism testing.
  • Support various dialects like PHP,ruby,Python,.NET, Java, etc.
  • Supports various programs like Mozilla, Firefox ,Chrome,Safari,etc
  • It has a functioning designed network for dynamic preparation with fewer lessons.
  • Provides adaptability and maintainability in the long haul.

If you are a fresher it’s better to go for Selenium Training in Ahmedabad before going for an interview in the companies.

Selenium’s Advantages: 

  • Selenium is not the fourth right. Out-of-pocket expenses. It is available for free download and support. Although it is founded on a group.
  • At its most basic level, Selenium QA testing is ready to operate under a variety of programs.
  • You can work with dialect ties whatever your designers are alright with.
  • Selenium testing can be made physically using web improvement devices.

Selenium is widely used for UI, relapse, Unit, and testing acknowledgment due to its various preferences. Because of the fastest advancement it empowers, it is very well known for brisk cycle improvement techniques. Selenium Course in Kochi is likewise well known with I.T staffs that robotize, redundant, electronic, regulatory assignments.

Selenium’s drawbacks

  • Selenium isn’t a complete solution for completely automating web application testing.
  • Despite its acknowledgment of other test content dialects. It requires more elevated, specialized aptitudes, for example, programming from QA Aptitudes.
  • The results of the tests are saved as plain text files with no formatting.

Selenium is developing as a hearty web application and it is being executed by online ventures like Google and Facebook for testing their web interfaces. So it is a good choice for students to learn Selenium Training in Trivandrum at reputed training institutes like FITA ACADEMY which offers certified training with placement.