Black Box Testing in Software Testing


Making mistake is common in our life, the mistake may be small or big. It should not affect the customer who believes us or should not make any loss to the business. To avoid the unwanted errors testing plays a vital role in the software industry. Software Testing is the right way to test the quality of software to deliver an application with any bug. Software testing has a separate place in the IT industry over the years, and several techniques have evolved to test the software in an effective manner. White box and Black box testing are the two major techniques used widely in the testing domain. Let us have the clear discussion on Black Box Testing in Software Testing. Software Testing Training in Chennai will help you to get an in-depth knowledge with practical exercises.

Black Box Testing

  • Black box testing is a testing method in which the tester has no idea of the internal design of the product which he is testing.
  • The system is viewed as the “black box” in this case
  • Functional Specification Documents or Requirements documents are the fundamental requirements of the testing process where the user can understand the process.

How to write Test Cases?

  • The Tester needs to validate the specifications and requirements of the system.
  • The Tester needs to study the functionality and UI of the system to know how the process of the system is ready to work
  • The Tester supposed to test the software with the expected result for the corresponding valid input
  • Also, tester needs to test the software with invalid input whether it displays an error message properly

Input Techniques

Below mentioned techniques are the used when validating the software with inputs, since in this case inputs are the driving factor.  Nowadays, Software Testing Training includes all the techniques in their syllabus to train the students in every level.

Boundary Value Analysis: This approach ultimate aim is to test the boundaries of the input domain which has the maximum probability to give erroneous outputs.

Equivalence Class Partitioning:  This approach helps to limit the set of functions with the corresponding invalid and valid inputs and expected outputs. The main aim of this technique is to reduce the test cases needed.

Error Guessing:  A well-trained tester will use this approach to find the defects and then create test cases.

These are the major things to know about Black Box testing in Software Testing. Generally, Programming language and implementation knowledge are not required in the Black Box testing process whether as White Box testing requires both knowledges. Make use of Testing Training in Chennai to deliver an application with error free.

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